The Importance of Location for you - Vending and Drink Machines in Melbourne

As with real estate, so it is true with drink and vending machines in Melbourne: location is everything. It pays to abide by a few key rules when deciding upon the placement of your new vending machine, and your local experts at Carnival Vending can help you to decide what area will best suit yours.

The Right Traffic

A drink and vending machine in Melbourne must be visible, and without being easily seen, it will likely go unnoticed by the majority of visitors to your establishment. Ensure that it is viewable from afar, and at least two angles. However, putting it in a high-traffic area can mean people are less likely to stop for fear of blocking others, so you must find a balance.

Find some shade

The goods inside of your vending machine aren’t indestructible, and constant, prolonged exposure to sunlight can impact them. It can also mean that the machine must work harder to remain cool during the heat of the summer, so finding a shady spot should be a high priority.

Place it near a meeting point

If you can, placing the machine near a natural meeting point is an ideal way of helping people to slow down. If it is outside a meeting room, it can help your establishment to create a more welcoming environment for both staff and potential clients, as people are more likely to enjoy a snack while resting or sitting down.

At Carnival Vending, we provide and optimise the use of your vending machine, in Melbourne and around Victoria. Contact us today.

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