Placement: Drink and Vending Machines for Melbourne

The heat of the Australian continent takes no prisoners. We live in the hottest and driest continent in the entire world, a reality that breeds deserts, dust storms, bush fires, and unique animal life. But it also breeds a health issue that is as old as time.

Dehydration is simply the act of one’s body drying out. Our bodies require a delicate balance to survive, and a hot, humid day can sap us of our much-needed liquid fuel far more quickly than we realise. When exercising in the heat, we must be drinking 250ml of water every twenty minutes, to make up for the amount lost through perspiration and exhalation.

Having cold drinks within arm’s reach can be a real lifesaver in the extreme heat of the summer months. Each year, Victorians experience issues with heat stroke and dehydration – in some cases, severe enough to cause deaths, particularly among the elderly. A properly placed drink vending machine, in Melbourne and around Victoria, can ensure that people are not starved for options.

Drink and vending machines in Melbourne, and throughout Australia, must be prepared for the summer months. They must be stocked so as to be able to sustain people in need of a drink to maintain good health. If you feel your venue could benefit from a vending machine on your premises, Carnival Vending is ready to help you.

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