Healthy Drink and Snack Vending Machines

As a community we’re becoming more aware of health benefits gained from healthy eating and drinking. Australians have consciously accepted and grasped the importance of keeping a well-balanced diet. This shift towards healthier choices has rippled through out the vending machine industry Australia wide. Today we have legislative recommendations, where applicable, for vending machines within the public arena which is now becoming more mandatory, such as vending machines in schools, hospitals, tafe’s and also into the private sector. Business’s, corporates and private industry alike all want to set examples to staff and visitors portraying a healthy workplace and healthy environment. Australians young and old now accept healthy choices as part of the staple diet and way of managing their daily, weekly, monthly food habits. Enters the healthy vending machine.

So what does this mean for the traditional vending machine which is known for chips, chocolates and soft drinks alike. Simply this is the answer. “If you can’t beat them you join them”. Today you’ll find a range of healthy foods and healthy drinks in your healthy vending machine. Do you go with full on all healthy vending machine with no sugars, no additives etc… if it sells, why not stock it. 

Most drink and snack combo healthy vending machines have a total of 6 trays, 3trays for snacks and 3 trays for drinks. My recommendation is 30% of the total products to be healthy orientated products, split evenly between healthy drinks and healthy snacks equating to 1 tray of healthy snacks and 1 tray of healthy drinks, leaving the remaining 4 trays for your regular vending product mix (i.e. chips, chocks, soft drinks).

This way healthy vending machines suit all palate’s, at any time, within all age groups. Speak with Carnival Vending and order your healthy vending machine today

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