Buy Chinese Vending Machine or American Vending Machine

As your vending machine broker, I’m asked daily, “Why are Chinese vending machines cheaper than American Vending Machines?”

Here's my blog based on this exact question, I’ll stick the basic facts without boring you too much. I mean who really wants to know every individual spare part in each vending machine, apart from those people who already know and probably don’t read blogs! Let’s keep it simple and basic for the entry level novice and let the vending tech heads battle it out elsewhere.

New Chinese Vending Machines are cheaper, yes this is a feature and definitely a benefit for the hip pocket and budget. This is also a reflection of China’s famous low cost labour markets, but its best you go top end Chinese vending machines. This way accessibility to parts are available and less expensive than a “grey-imported machine” (private import) where you may get stuck on air-freighting spare parts ex-China. (down time on machine = less sales and well … you can do the math)

New American Vending Machines are marginally more expensive than their Chinese counterparts, this is also a due to longer transport costs in shipping but also the AU/USA exchange rates. Most top end American manufactured vending machines have also streamlined user friendly features as standard, leading the charge in innovation and aesthetics. Fast moving parts are accessible and priced competively.

Most Australian professional Chinese or American vending machine importers, generally import top end vending machine brands and Carnival Vending has existing relationships with the best vending machine brand importers, and without forgetting to mention you will also benefit from Carnival Vending’s excellent vending machine buy rates which are passed on to you. 

Moral of the story is you simply get what you pay for and this is also proven with Vending Machines ex-China and ex-America.

When buying a new or used vending machine speak with Carnival Vending.

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